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The Craftsman’s Legacy: Post 4 – Getting Ideas on Paper at the Drafting Table

I will not master my craft on my own, those who came before will show me the way; My the knowledge I share be worthy and live on. Graphite in Our Blood My introduction to technical drawing and sketching came […]

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The Craftsman’s Legacy: Post 3 – Sketch Templates for Getting Ideas to Steel

I will respect the work of all craftsmen, and be humble with my own; May I learn from those who work resolutely to create. Humbling is a word that regularly tumbles through my mind as I work in my shop. […]

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The Craftsman’s Legacy: Post 2 – Knife Templates & Ideas

I will use the fire that burns within me to guide others to my craft; May I bear patience and care as I show them. Recently I received an email asking for help. The person writing to me had enjoyed […]

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The Craftsman’s Legacy: Post 1 – The Craftsman’s Creed

I’ve always had a strong desire to work with my hands. From when I was young, our Grandfathers and Dad always took the lead in showing us that we could build or create anything if we put our minds to […]

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Where we have been and what the future has in store.

Questions I’ve been getting a lot the past few weeks include: “Where the hell have you guys been?” “When are you guys going to have x,y,z back in stock? You haven’t had more available in a long time.” Or the […]

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HDM Review from Expanding Our Latitude

Thanks Brett for the kind words over at the Expanding Our Latitude Blog. We hope our products continue to serve you well on a lifetime of adventures with your family! You can read the article HERE

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HDM Cameo Appearance in Recoil: Concealment Issue #3

If you haven’t read Recoil Magazine, you’ve been living under a rock. If you haven’t caught an issue of the new magazine, Concealment, thats ok – but you better get on it. More great articles on gear, skills, and general […]

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Featured at

Those of you who spend enough time in the great outdoors, especially with interests in shooting, off roading, camping, and a life of adventure should be familiar with MOTUS. We’ve been great fans of their work and proud members of […]

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